Lyn Stevens (wife) took me in.  She will be my nursemaid for the next 2 weeks.  See if I am still alive or just divorced by the end of it!

7am start.  I was first cab off the rank.  A bit of admin stuff (forgot my dressing gown), saw an admissions nurse & the anaesthetist (he said nothing about my beard…I trimmed it last night to a #6!).  Around 8.30am I am off to lala land.

Surgeon Peter Sutherland called Lyn by 11.30am to tell her all went well.  I woke up about 1pm.  Peter came to see me at the end of the day.  All the cancer was visibly contained in the prostate but he took some adjacent tissue just in case.  My guts (6 holes) and lower back (old injury) hurt.

Fairly sleepless night.  No shoulder tip pain from the gas used to inflate the body cavity (the other 2 with me in the ward…same operation…have the pain).  No appetite for breakfast.  A bit nauseous once during the night & once before breakfast…but no vomiting.  Had strange & painful contractions during the night…like a big gut wrench after a fright.  Seriously painful!

Lyn had me home by 9.30am.

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