About me…Fred Horvath


Born Adelaide 8 November 1955.

That makes me a Scorpio if you care about that!

Home is an inner northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Lyn Stevens is my wife & we have 2 brats Emma-Lyn & Alek.  Lyn was born in Tasmania, Australia…but she escaped!  I have a brother Robert and a cousin Paul.  Our family likes dogs.

My parents are from Hungary, Alfred Horvath from Moson & Emma Dollmayer from Sopron.  They emigrated in 1951.

Schools were Rosary School, Blackfriars Priory School, Adelaide Boys High School & Saltash College (closed).

I marked time at Adelaide University & the then South Australian Institute of Technology at The Levels.

My career with only minor interruptions has been in surveying.  This started with working as a chainman for my father at Calders in my teens advancing to survey party leader with Todd Alexander & Co in 1981. Then becoming a part owner of that business in 1990 under the name Todd Alexander Surveyors.  Most of my Todd Alexander years were spent up north in the Oil & Gas developments…I love the bush!  In 2004 we sold our business to Lester Franks.  I now manage (what was my old business) the Adelaide Division of Lester Franks.

Work of course supports my recreational pursuits…4WDing, motorcycling, camping & shooting.

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