For the first few days getting in and out of bed was awkward and painful. And I was still getting the strange gut contractions…they may have been bladder spasms.

Day 2…liquid bowel movements…yay!

Day 3…no bowel movements…not happy.  Plenty of gurgling and wind and obvious bloody (very pink) urine.  I "phoned a friend"…nurse friend reassured me…thanks Joyce.

By day 4 not much pain and 1 soft bowel movement.

Day 5 I had 2 soft bowel movements.  This is what the physio and the nurses most cautioned me about…DON’T GET CONSTIPATED!  So I became obsessed by this.

Drinking 3 litres of water a day is interesting.  Getting quite used to it.  More normal for me is juice , coffee, soft drink & beer.  Water only when I am seriously thirsty!

I run out of pain killers first, then the antibiotics but still had plenty of bowel softeners left.  Panadol in soluble form helped with reducing pain.  I even had a day with no Panadol…but that was too early.

I was concerned about bleeding into and new…bleeding past the catheter so I rang the urology nurse.  No panic just delayed removing the catheter for a week…bugga!

A week to the day post op the surgeon Peter Sutherland rang me with the pathology results.  All clear!  The cancer was contained wholly within the prostate and the adjacent tissue he removed was benign.  Best news ever!

He decided then not to wait a whole extra week to remove the catheter.  Even after I emailed him photos of the colour of my urine & the leakage past the catheter.

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