Firstly to the physiotherapist Di Semmler (North Adelaide | SA | AU).

Di is a continence physio.  One of several on a list given to me by the urologists.  She is closest to me for work & home.

Di spent 1.5 hours with me.  I thought this would be all about pelvic floor exercises but that is just a part of it.  She extracted everything about my lifestyle.  Working, drinking, eating, exercise, recreation & toilet habits.

By the end of it all I was very clear about what I can & can’t do post operation…the "can’t do" is the bigger list.  For the first 2 weeks do bugger all besides rest up and walking…a little at a time.  It will be another 10 weeks before I will be back to my usual activities.  Stay off the motorbike & keep out of the 4WD!

Looking after the old prostate area and the rejoined urethra is a much bigger issue than women have to deal with post any hysterectomy or caesarean!

Pre-op assessment…

This started in the theatre block of the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH, Adelaide | SA |AU).

It was like a factory.  About 40 of us seeing nurses, anaesthetists, ward doctors & having blood pressure & blood tests & an ECG.  Took about 3 hours.

By the end of it I knew all about my upcoming operation & how to deal with the catheter post surgery.  The da Vinci robot surgery is day surgery with overnight stay.

The anaesthetist warned me about my beard…not all anaesthetists like beards!  Hmmm.  He also wanted me to have a pressure test of my eyes.  The surgery is carried out in a head down bum up stance.  They are concerned about damage to the eyes.

Eye test…

I saw my ophthalmologist Celia Chen (North Adelaide | SA | AU).  I have borderline high pressure in the eyes.  However for 3 years the pressure has been static and the other 2 indicators of glaucoma (damage to the back of the eye & blind spots are not evident).  Celia was not concerned about eye pressure wrt the operation & anyway my pressure has reduced since last time…interesting!

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