My second PSA test at 5 months post op was identical to the 6 week one at <0.04…doesn’t get any better than that.  YAHOO!!!  Next test in six months (February 2011).


I stopped using the “just in case” pads at about 4 months with only a couple of very minor incidents since then.  Physio Di Semmler has seen me for the last time and given me some exercises for life.  Practice coughing at the urinal with various levels of bladder fullness and pelvic floor exercises 3 times a week that take about 5 minutes.  Remembering to do them is the challenge!

Erectile function…

Well this has changed!  Things are supposed to improve with time…for me it’s downhill at the moment.  Sensation is good but hardness isn’t.  Even the on demand drugs aren’t coming to the party…the side effects are…but not the anticipated result.  Surgeon Peter Sutherland was surprised as I was doing very well in this department earlier on…however apparently it isn’t unusual for dips in performance.  He prescribed Levitra…the most successful drug for me but with the worst side effects…”try half a tablet”…he suggested…”plenty of practice is the key”.  So my take home message is use it or lose it.  The Cialis 20mg & Viagra 100mg were less effective with the Viagra being the least effective.  All three drugs blocked my nose & left me with a headache for hours.

In summary then…

I continue to be in as good a place as I can be tested for…remember I arrived here with NO SYMPTOMS…the issues above are minor compared with the alternative of discovering metastasised cancer months or years down the track.

So guys over 40…


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