At last…back to normal activities.  My physio said that by 12 weeks all my wounds should be well healed and scar tissue will have started to soften.  So there is now little risk of injury from physical activities.

This of course had to be celebrated.  I took an annual leave day & dragged the motorbike out of the shed.  A beautiful day for a ride.  With a few mates from the motorcycle club I went to Greenock in the Barossa Valley | SA | AU to pre-run an upcoming ride.

My ride was very apprehensive…especially cornering and over blind crests.  Still it was wonderful to be riding again.  Use it or lose it!  Lunch at the Greenock Creek Tavern…all good.

The following Saturday was an official SABERS rides day.  Lyn joined me on the back & about 20 of us made the lovely run through the Barossa to Greenock.  It rained while we had lunch and a bit more on the way home.

I was far more comfortable and confident on the second ride.  No dramas handling the bike.

Lyn of course now has major jobs for me…no more excuses about being an invalid!


Improving slowly…still wearing a pad for the “just in case” times, but not at night.  Some sneezes & coughs catch me out…especially with a full bladder.  However I have made 3 days in a row without an “accident”.

Erectile function…

My first trial post the low dose Cialis prescription was to take nothing.  Persevered for a couple of weeks with poor erections.

Tried the Levitra…20mg.  That worked a treat but not so happy about the side effects.  Aching penis while erect and bad headache for a day after.

So for a few weeks now I have a had a workable erection without drugs.  No raging beanpole but workable nevertheless…sorry kids!

General wellbeing…

I am very tired all of the time.  Need to work on my fitness.  But other than that I’m all good!

One Response to 12 WEEKS POST SURGERY

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Fred, I stumbled on to your comments by accident & I admire your candid coments & your honesty .As a male of 63 I am having problems with the prostate & find your comments very sage.I may well be a way off having a procedure but a couple of the basics which you have covered give me & others more confidence.
    Thank you & well done

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