Slower improvements now.  Still minor but annoying continence issues and I would like to be emptying my bowel more often.  I lost 4kg in the first 2 weeks post op, then put 1kg back on…this week 5kg’s lost since the op.  Challenge is to keep that going for another 30kg or so…hhmmm!

Work is quite tiring…not that I do anything physical.  I suspect some of it is due to me being generally unfit.  The rest…well I keep being reminded that despite not many outwards signs of it this was still a major operation.

Great news on the erectile function front.  Gentle intercourse works just fine.  I’m about halfway through the Cialis prescription.

Had another visit with physio Di Semmler this week.  She was very impressed with my progress.  I am doing very well at only 5 weeks post op.  She reinforced that I must rest when feeling tired so I took today off work…slept in till midday!  Also she told me to stop hanging on too long before urinating…seems I’m trying too hard!  And…walk more!

PSA blood test next week…the first since the operation and I will have my first post op appointment with my surgeon Peter Sutherland at the end of that week.  Looking forward to that.

I am still meeting people who have had and are battling prostate cancer…it’s great to swap stories about different treatments and the subsequent recoveries…we are all different.

This week I went back to shooting expecting my score to be down.  Before my operation I imagined the centre of the bullseye to be my prostate…it seriously improved my scores.  Well losing the prostate hasn’t diminished my focus…I was well pleased with a 491/500 after not shooting for over 3 months.

So…7 weeks to go before I can get back on the motorbike and/or go 4WDing again.

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