Back to work after Easter.  I felt ok on the first day until I went home…then I was stuffed.  We had an appointment that night that I had convinced myself I should attend.  By the time we returned home I was well and truly knackered.

Woke up briefly the next morning & rang work to advise that I would not be in…then slept nearly to midday!  Didn’t expect to get so knocked about.

It was only a short week due to the Easter Monday holiday.  I managed the last two days ok…tired but ok.  Message there…listen to the professionals & take it easy.  However being back at work is good.  Being at home with restrictions on what I can do was wearing thin for me.

Driving has been ok…no dramas.

Minor incontinence still…appears to be random although when my bladder is full, sneezing & coughing will leak a little.  Pads do their jobs though.

Managed an orgasm!  No ejaculate of course…so no wet spot…hehe!  Erectile function is coming along.  Had an ache in the penis afterwards.  Also I am now talking the Cialis.  The surgeon has told me to stimulate…well that ached too…so he advised to let it be for a week but keep taking the drug.  I think having an erection is stretching my shortened urethra…so it hurts.

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