March 24, 2010

Well…new to me anyway!

1998 Yamaha Vmax 1200CC Australian delivered full power (145HP) Vboost model.

Lyn & I always wanted a big road bike.  We had the use of a 750 Honda in our early 20’s and it was sad to give it back.  Have had dirt bikes before then.  My dear mates all bought Harleys as they went through their respective mid life crises!  I couldn’t come at the dollars.  My brother reminded me of my interest in this iconic muscle bike in the mid 80’s.  I convinced Lyn we “needed” it now…not in our retirement when we couldn’t get a leg over it!  A lot of research later & I was headed for Sydney | NSW | AU.

Bought privately in Randwick (Sydney | NSW | AU), November 2004.  I flew over from Adelaide | SA | AU on a Saturday morning & rode it home.  First time I had a leg over a big road bike in over 20 years…way sore bum by the time I got home 2 days later!

Pick up in Randwick

On the way home.  Dog on the Tuckerbox at Gundagai, NSW | AU…

Dog on the Tuckerbox

First stop for the night, Gundagai | NSW | AU…

Sunset at Gundagai

Haha…heading for the Hay Plain | NSW | AU…


In the middle of nowhere the max ticks over 10k, Hay Plain | NSW | AU…

10,000 kilometres

Home…Adelaide | SA | AU…