A new milestone this week…began driving…in the Delica no less!  Climb up very carefully into the driver’s seat though…no pulling on grab handles…use legs only.  Gave my brother a lift to pick up the push bike he fell off a few days ago (earned himself a hospital ride!) and took myself off to another physio appointment.  Funny thing about the pushbike incident.  He was attending a 1st Aid course for work…couldn’t have hurt himself in a more convenient place…right out front of the Ambulance Station!

Continence control has improved a little but I am still frustrated with false starts for emptying of my bowel.  It’s surprising how this stuff consumes you!  Physiotherapist Di Semmler gave me some more ideas about why I feel the urges and made me think again about just how my body works & how I may be misinterpreting some signals related to the surgery.  I am enjoying my visits with her.

Generally every day I feel better although I had one very flat day early in the week.  I think with Lyn back at work and being more or less on my own was wearing thin too.  I managed some work from home but I am still surprised how tired I get.  Got some more walking in too.

For those of you interested in erectile function I woke up once with an erection this week which made me think the earlier one I had in week one was not a dream.  That’s encouraging!  Next week I start on the Cialis.

Last bit of rest up over the Easter break (including some strategic planning for work & dreaming of getting back on the motorbike) and then I will try going back to the office.

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