I wish to bring to your attention the importance of testing for prostate cancer in males once they have reached 40.

Why…because I have just (November 2009) been diagnosed with a cancer in my prostate.

How did I found out?  I started being tested after I turned 50.  I had to twist my GP’s arm to arrange blood testing as I had NO symptoms.  The only test I was having was the P.S.A. count from blood.  Three years on and the enzyme level is high.  A quick trip to the urologist, a quick rectal exam…five seconds it takes…no longer, no pain!  We have a lump.  Biopsy a week later…yes there is cancer.  Then an MRI, a CAT scan and a bone scan…all painless.  Lymph and bones look clear.  Because I am young (54 is young?) best option is surgery.  We have the best gear (da Vinci robot) here at the RAH so in a couple of months my prostate will be a goner.

Blokes…get tested.  Doctor not agreeable?  Find another.  See a urologist.  Partners…make sure your blokes do this.  Don’t wait…if you are 40 or older…start being tested.

More information here…

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